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Hello, and welcome! I'm an event entertainer based out of Cape Town, South Africa. Touring each season, I've performed worldwide through well over 50 countries: cruise ships, celebrity events, Presidential dinners, I've done it all.

My mission is simple - wow your guests, astonishment and fun, help give them a day they'll remember for a lifetime. And I've got some unique tools to make that happen.

Shoot me a Whatsapp, email or complete the contact form below. I'd love to hear from you, be part of your celebrations ... let's make some magic!

So What Do You Do?

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The setting is informal, a small group of guests gathered in a semi-circle to enjoy the magic. Relaxed, entertaining, fun. Perfect in a lounge area for dinner parties, birthdays, and in-home celebrations. High caliber sleight-of-hand rounded off by truly baffling mentalism: a great way to wow audiences of all ages.

Here I entertain from the stage, for large audiences. I can present anything from 20 to 40 minutes, perfect for slotting in between other entertainment or speakers. You will need to provide adequate sound and lighting to make sure audiences enjoy the performance fully.

Think of me as a ‘professional guest’, one who just happens to be able to do incredible things. I wander from one small group to the next doing short snippets of magic, creating buzz and excitement through the room. A great icebreaker, ideal for cocktail receptions and events where people are standing. It’s sophisticated fun, perfect for larger events.

Formatted like the Mix & Mingle, but here I stroll between tables at your dinner event, performing a few minutes at each table. This is done between courses of the meal, allowing people the chance to enjoy the food and company of the group. For larger events a second or even third performer can be added to maximize impact.

Great Stuff ... Tell Me More.

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What sort of magic do you do?

I specialize in what’s known as close-up magic. Great for audiences of 50 to 100 people, the magic happens right in front of the audience, often in their hands. A mix of sleight-of-hand and mentalism, I’ve traveled all over the planet collecting moments of amazing to share with your guests. The focus is on wonder, astonishment and fun.

What sort of events do you perform at?

The bulk of my shows are at corporate dinners and private parties. Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, awards dinners, that sort of thing. I also do a handful of shows on cruise ships and at festivals, hotels, casinos during the year. I present either a set performance with audience seated in a semi-circle watching the show, or what’s known as walkaround magic where I wander in amongst guests doing five minutes of magic at a time, for smaller groups. Relaxed and interactive, it’s a great icebreaker for any event.

What are your credentials?

I’ve spent two decades traveling the world as a magician. I’ve performed for several Presidents and Royal Families, including the legendary Nelson Mandela on two occasions when he was Head of State. A born adventurer, I’ve seen nearly every corner of the world and performed in every venue imaginable, from inside prisons and military bases to shows for child soldiers in the Congo. I’ve had a hand in launching or mentoring nearly every leading magician on the African Continent and have students everywhere from Paris to Hong Kong.

Is the show for children or adults?

I do a family-friendly show, good for all ages. Anyone from 5 to 85, they’ll enjoy the magic. Intelligent entertainment, it’s a good mix of visual, interactive sleight-of-hand spiced with some truly mindboggling mentalism. Audiences will be scratching their heads in wonder for a long time after the show.

How long is the show?

My signature performance is 35 minutes long. If I do walkaround magic from one small group to the next, I work on an average of an hour per hundred people in the audience. When you contact me with details about the event you’re planning we’ll discuss exactly what will be the best fit for your group.

What do you require with regards to staging the show?

My show packs small and plays big. All I need is a ten feet square area to perform in, and a chair to put my bag on and we’re good to go. For audiences larger than 50 people you’ll need to provide a quality sound system with either a headset or lapel microphone.

Do you travel outside Cape Town for shows too?

Of course! I’m based in Cape Town but perform regularly all over Africa. Travel costs are additional to my fee. The nice thing about magic is it’s visual and interactive, so I get a lot of bookings for foreign audiences who can’t speak English, especially VIPs and dignitaries at A-list functions.

How much does a show cost?

Pricing depends on the size of the group and the needs of the client. Fees range between R5000 and R12000, depending on the event. Shows outside South Africa are priced in US dollars and travel and visa costs are tagged-on over and above the standard fee.

How do I book a show?

Give me a call at 072 479 9682 with details of what you’re planning, or fill in my online show enquiry form. I’ll send through complete options tailored to your event. Quick and easy.

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What Applause Looks Like In Print

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  • Jacques Le Sueur is one of our most professional performers. We know with utter confidence that when we book him out for a job, we get nothing short of rave reviews... He has an amazing rapport with his audiences, and has his audience eating out his hands in seconds. We have booked him with audiences of all races, creeds and colours and he never fails to do a fantastic job... We love working with him.
    Lesley WellsStartrackers International Entertainment & Speakers Agency
      Lesley Wells
  • Jacques is a master at his craft... There are many secrets to being an ace performer and Jacques seems to have mastered them all ... In the many interviews that I have done over the years and the hundreds of close-up performers I have seen all over the world, Jacques is right up there in the top five.
    Bernard Reid, Las VegasArticle in Magicana Magazine
      Bernard Reid, Las Vegas
  • Thank you very much for a wonderful event on New Year's Eve. As always our guests were both challenged and charmed by your talents! With gratitude, as always.
    Sir Mark & Lady Margaret ThatcherPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
      Sir Mark & Lady Margaret Thatcher
  • One of this agency’s finest performers, and has been used for corporate and up-market functions ... we have placed (him) in many different situations and venues, with the knowledge that no matter how difficult it may seem, he would have his audience eating out of his hands with his awe inspiring tricks and professional personality ... we can highly recommend this versatile and professional entertainer.
    Rouvanne Brand van den BergPeak Performances Entertainment Agency
      Rouvanne Brand van den Berg
  • An absolute pleasure to work with. Professional, friendly, punctual and (above all) just plain fun! Having his entertainment skill at the launch ensured that guests felt relaxed and enjoyed themselves. I would recommend that anyone who requires an 'ice breaker' at an event would do well to employ him.
    Mandy GilderPeter Gilder Jewellers
      Mandy Gilder
  • It was a pleasure working with you. Your attitude towards your work, your professionalism and your personality all combine to make you a heck of an act to follow.
    Vernon & Sandie HattinghMatex Innovations
      Vernon & Sandie Hattingh
  • I would like to extend my thanks for your assistance in making our event on Friday such a success. It was an absolute pleasure working with you, from your professional communication before the event, to your patience and flexibility on the evening. And that's not to mention the phenomenal magic!
    Lauren ClackHospitality Affairs
      Lauren Clack